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We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to treatments and improving treatment outcomes. Using state of the art technology along with the latest pharmaceutical knowledge, we proudly create non-sterile, customized compounded medications tailored to patient and prescriber needs.

Why opt for compounded medications?

The demand for professional compounding has increased due to the limitations of commercially available medications. Moreover, many patients often have a better response to a customized medications. Compounding doesn’t just make it easier to administer the correct dosage of a given medication or create the perfect combination of compatible medications, but it further helps meet the needs of patients with allergies or sensitivities to those who need medications that have been discontinued or are unavailable due to shortages. 

Our specialty compounding pharmacy, located in Ontario, supports SRx pharmacies nationwide and further acts as a central fill supplier for pharmacy chains across Ontario. Prescribers can equally benefit from our service.  

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