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#Olympics In a world that can sometimes feel hard and backwards, here's a heartwarming (dare we even say, truly Canadian) story of kindness and going above-and-beyond to help make dreams come true.
When will #COVID19 END? Check out this video for the answer!

PSA - Viral mutation + its interaction w/ our immune system are complex. While this video does gloss over some points, it's quite well done!

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One of the key ways to drive healthcare in a better direction is with digital health. Revolutionizing healthcare for Canadians means encouraging preventative health; modernizing methods of communication, prescription filling, and treatment tracking;
Does the wintertime make you want to hibernate? You're not alone. Seasonal affective disorder, aptly acronymic as SAD, is real.

Take regular inventory of your mental health and put yourself first! Eat well, keep active, and support one another.

Where do you stand on COVID antiviral pills?

Pfizer submitted its treatment to Health Canada for approval on Dec. 1, 2021. And while it has already been authorized in the U.S. and the U.K., Health Canada has yet to make a decision.

You'll be surprised to learn:

- On average, 55% of adults aged 18-79 uses at least 1 prescription medication a month. Meanwhile, 36% use 2+ and 24% use 3+. These increase annually and with age.

- Canadians generated over 700,000,000 drug prescriptions in 2020.