SRx Health

Consulting Services

SRX Health Solutions consulting group have a deep understanding of Canadian payers and providers and the mounting pressures which advanced technology has in redefining the healthcare landscape. We understand the need to be ahead of the curve and our agile approach to complex challenges facing the industry has helped healthcare organizations modernize the way they do business, while maintaining focus on patients. We help both new and existing manufacturers in Canada develop strategies to best meet their products’ needs and set them up for continued success in the future.

Our consulting services include:

Working with payers/market access: Evolving customer expectations and ever-changing regulatory environments have created challenges and opportunities for payers. We work with payers to develop reimbursement strategies that can help achieve key business goals with respect to commercialization and patient health. We are able to assist with submissions, pricing strategy, product listing, financial modelling, study development, your commercialization approach, and much more.

Working with Health Canada: Bringing a drug to the Canadian market can be a challenging venture given the meticulous steps that must be followed in order to get through the Drug Establishment License submission and approval process. Our team is able to guide you through these steps to make sure that your product can be made available to Canadians as quickly as possible.  

Healthcare Analytics: Technology and data are driving healthcare transformation but the mere collection of this information is simply not enough. Our team of specialists are able to find actionable insights from real world evidence which can be applied to improve patient health outcomes and coverage decisions with payers. Our team of specialists are able to find gaps in care with treatments/therapies to help suggest innovative ways of approaching commonplace issues to promote cost effective adherence strategies considering your products lifecycle. 

Clinical Studies: Through our partnerships with TDDA Specialty Health, we are able to provide world class clinical support. TDDA has been functioning for over 20 years within the healthcare space and has completed over 200 studies for specialty medications. With an ever growing national team we are able to meet all of your clinical trial needs. For more information on TDDA please visit their website at

Other: Our team is always ready and available to assist with any consulting needs you may have. We have extensive experience within the Canadian healthcare space and will do whatever we can to meet your needs.