SRx Health

SRx Integrated
Health Model

SRX Health Solutions is proud to be able to anticipate and support the needs of manufacturers, healthcare providers and patients with our integrated model.

As part of our integrated model, SRX Health Solutions offers an extensive nationwide network of retail specialty pharmacies and infusion clinics, a robust wholesale/distribution division accredited with CAPDM, consulting services, pharmacovigilance services, regulatory services and patient support programs.

At SRX Health Solutions we understand the need to develop technological solutions within the traditional patient support program offerings to optimize patient health outcome. We strongly believe that technology should be at the forefront of patient support programs and SRX Health Solutions seeks out tech industry leaders to stay informed on the latest available tech solutions to enhance future patient support program offerings.

In 2019 SRX Health Solutions established a partnership with TDDA Specialty Research to formally enter the clinical trials space. With this partnership, SRX Health Solutions is now able to bring manufacturers, physicians and their patients one step closer to accessing approved clinical trials.

With our unique capabilities and established relationships, combined with our cost-effective approach and horizontal integration within the pharmaceutical space, a partnership with SRX Health Solutions will maximize delivery of pharmaceutical products and services to patients who truly need it.