SRx Health

Adesh A. Vora, Pharm. D.

President & CEO

Adesh Vora is the founder, President and CEO of SRx Health Solutions. Adesh graduated pharmacy school in 2000 with a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate degree from the University of Illinois, and is currently working on Executive Education at Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management. Adesh brings 20 years of pharmacy and healthcare experience to SRx. He is passionate about the Canadian healthcare system and wholeheartedly believes all Canadians should have equal access to modern healthcare; including the newest medicines. Adesh is process driven and has the technical knowledge to deliver on set mandates through innovative processes driven through technology.

Brock Clancy, L.S.S.M.B.B.

Vice President,
Patient Services and Operations

Brock Clancy was appointed the Vice President, Patient Services and Operations of SRx Health Solutions in December of 2019.  In this role, Brock has the responsibility of overseeing the entire portfolio of SRx’s service offerings. He brings over 10 years of leadership in the retail and healthcare spaces in Canada and has expert knowledge of patient support programs, sales, pharmacy, distribution, healthcare technology, nursing, and clinical operations. 

Kathy Poldre, R.N.

Director, Nursing OPerations

Kathy’s nursing career began as a staff nurse at Toronto General Hospital on the GI Medical Unit which then saw her move into roles as a Clinical Educator, with the VIRCAN clinics out of Toronto General Hospital, and in clinical trial research.  Kathy is also the Manager of Omega Specialty Nurses (OSN), a Not For Profit Agency that employs nurses and allied health professionals. Kathy brings with her a wealth of knowledge as both a nurse and nursing manager and plays a central role in the daily operations of the SRx clinic network.  Kathy is passionate about patient care and is driven to do whatever is possible to benefit her patients.

Bikram Picture
Bikram Nahal, BSc Phm., RPh

Vice-President, Distribution and Wholesale

Bikram graduated as a pharmacist from the University of Toronto in 2009 and began ConnectRx, our Health Canada Licensed Pharmacenutical Wholesaler and Distributor, in 2015.  Bikram has a vision that any pharmacy, clinic, or hospital in Canada should have reliable and timely access to medications, guided by ConnectRx’s excellence in supply chain management, quality controls, ambient and cold chain transportation, and great customer service that is tailored to work closely and ethically with each and every customer.

Monica Astle, R.N.

Director, clinical operations

Monica was appointed as SRx’s Director of Clinical Operations in June 2021. Monica kicked off her nursing career as an emergency and ICU critical care nurse at St Albert Community Hospital. After 5 years in this fast-paced and high-pressure clinical setting, she decided to pursue her passion in gastroenterology and obtained a CNA GI Certification. This led to 12 years of therapeutic intervention endoscopy nursing at various tertiary hospitals throughout Edmonton, AB. During this time, Monica also maintained skills in Intravenous Therapy, including infusions such as Biologics, Iron, IVIG and Blood transfusions. Monica is enthusiastic about creating new opportunities and growth in patient care and well-being. 

photo sn
Stephanie Nazywalskyj

Director, Strategic Communications

Stephanie holds a master’s degree in Public Relations and Management from McGill University and joined SRx Health Solutions as Director of Strategic Communications in January 2021, bringing with her over 10 years of experience in the field. An ardent communicator and avid writer, Stephanie assumes the crucial responsibility of creating, structuring and harmonizing SRx’s voice, both internally and with regards to strategic business development. Stephanie pledges to help identify and sustain key partnerships and collaborations that will further support SRx in its mission to revolutionize healthcare for Canadians, ensure an exceptional patient experience, and optimize patient treatment outcomes.

Shekhar Mehta, Pharm. D.

Vice-President, East Pharmacy Operations

Shekhar received his Doctorate of Pharmacy from University of Waterloo and joined SRx Health Solutions in 2016. He was appointed VP of Pharmacy Services at SRx Health Solutions in 2020 and has a vision of creating innovative pharmacy processes that allow patients with seamless access to specialty medications. Shekhar believes that specialty pharmacies play a crucial role in filling the gaps in the Canadian healthcare system. His goal is to equip the SRx Pharmacy team with resources to provide exceptional service to patients and prescribers.