SRx Health

Integrated Health Model

Integrated solutions that are proven to optimize outcomes and improve wellness

We are proud to be able to anticipate and support the needs of manufacturers, healthcare providers and patients with our integrated model. Perhaps more importantly, we are committed to customizing support to meet the continuously evolving needs of Canadians.

Our extensive nationwide network of integrated support services fills gaps and enhances the wellness of Canadians:

Leveraging Technology

We understand the need to develop technological solutions within the traditional patient support program offering in order to optimize patient health outcomes. We are proud to employ an integrated and customized technology platform that is used by all facets of the company. This technology uses AI to better predict when patients and physicians might require more assistance from our team along their medical journey.

Automation is paramount to the functionality of our PSP group as we have found ways to make life easier for patients, physicians, and caseworkers, thereby accelerating care and expediting access to specialty medications.

We strongly believe that technology should be at the forefront of patient support programs and as such we will continue to actively seek out tech industry leaders and stay informed on the latest available tech solutions to enhance future patient support program offerings.

Our unique capabilities and established relationships, combined with our cost-effective approach and horizontal integration within the pharmaceutical space, ensure that we maximize delivery of pharmaceutical products and services to patients, while simultaneously improving outcomes.

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