SRx Health

Our Mission And Goals​

Proudly Canadian, SRx Health Solutions strives to be a revolutionary vehicle of change in Canadian Healthcare. Our mission is to improve prescription drug treatment outcomes for Canadians afflicted by chronic illnesses, and provide Healthcare institutions with the tools to do so.

We aim to deliver integrated and targeted healthcare solutions efficiently while keeping a cost-effective and ethic approach in mind. Since our inception, we continue to create positive change by meeting the following goals:

Optimizing patients’ drug treatment outcomes

Improve patient care compared to the usual retail pharmacy experience

Providing patients with the highest standard in care

Eliminating compliance issues, errors and inefficiencies

Reducing lengthy wait times by creating access to specialty healthcare clinics and pharmacies

Presenting a sustainable solution that healthcare providers can proudly stand behind

Provide access to comprehensive resources and care under one umbrella

Increase efficiency and level of care

Reduce wait times

Redefining the current ‘one size fits all’ healthcare paradigm that underfunds critical services

Provide access to a top-notch panel of consultants

Reduce errors and discrepancies within the current healthcare system

Enhance sensitivity and security

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