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SRx Health Solutions is Canada’s premier provider of patient support programs.

Patient Support Programs

Make A Difference with SRx, Transform Patient Experiences and Optimize Health Outcomes 

Together we can support wellness and create impactful change by developing exclusive, innovative, and critical patient support solutions. Join us in reshaping the Canadian healthcare landscape, by strategically collaborating and tailoring care to need. 

Putting Patients First 

Harnessing an outside-in-approach, patient care is not just a priority, but a standard of excellence. We take pride in going beyond the ordinary, marking a boundary that firmly upholds quality and flexibility. Our unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with our performance-based model and proprietary cutting-edge CRM, ensures that we deliver impactful, seamless, and cost-effective solutions that not only meet the evolving needs of patients, but bridge gaps in care at every stage of the treatment journey.

Partnering Advantages

Experienced Guidance, Exceptional Care

At SRx we understand the intricacies of the Canadian healthcare system. We are committed to collaborating to develop dynamic PSPs that cater to the distinct needs of patients in a rapidly changing treatment landscape. Our dedication lies in delivering personalized, hands-on support, confidently guiding patients through each stage of their treatment journey. 

Seamless Access, Enhanced Experiences 

Our integrated network and innovative solutions are designed to elevate treatment access and cultivate a stress-free treatment journey. Our proactive approach starts the moment patients enroll. We navigate complex coverage landscapes, ensuring hassle-free medication access and delivery. From getting on treatment to handheld care that improves adherence and optimizes outcomes, we’re here to support at every turn.

Comprehensive and Customizable Services 

Our dedicated PSP team offers a range of comprehensive and seamless services, working with you at every phase. From getting on treatment to personalized treatment plans that improve adherence and optimize outcomes, our agile and customized approach proactively responds to evolving needs while fostering our shared strategic visions.

Innovation Guided by Principles

We operate on five key tenets: optimizing patient models, speed with accuracy, sustainability, collaboration, and Kaizen. Through a Kaizen approach, we continuously strive to improve patient experiences, listening to manufacturers, patients, and physicians alike to develop cost-effective, innovative programs. 

Nationwide Reach

Patients, manufacturers, and physicians benefit from our extensive national network of pharmacies and clinics, strategically located to serve patients across all provinces. We proudly support Canadians from coast to coast, from 8 am to 8 pm EST, in both French and English. Additionally, we offer translation services in over 100 languages. 

Cutting-Edge Technology and Data-Driven Decision Making

Our ability to adapt to evolving patient needs, is further powered by our proprietary, fully integrated ACCESS CRM, our industry-leading platform that drives automation to enhance efficiency and holistic patient care.

Proven Success, Optimized Outcomes 

Our leadership team have consistently delivered successful patient support programs. Boasting extensive industry experience, they lend key insights beyond best practices, tackling common problems that present within traditional or rigid PSP models. Through open communication and a collaborative approach, we bridge the gaps in the current PSP landscape. Our experienced and dedicated team of program managers, nurses, pharmacists, case workers and more, bring deep knowledge to our strategic partnerships and critical phases of the patient journey.  

Patient-Support-Programs 8-RWE

We partner with manufacturers to determine real-world evidence needs, leveraging our unique patient touchpoints and integrated network to capture uniquely Canadian data. By tracking key evolving health metrics, we can generate high-quality, granular data that not only reshapes patient care but also informs broader healthcare decision-making. This strategic RWE collaboration further ensures that treatment plans can be adjusted in the future, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of patient care.

Our Unique Offering

We deliver a full-suite of specialty services that are entirely customizable for end-to-end holistic support 

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Leverage our proprietary ACCESS CRM for industry-leading technology that scales, automates, and customizes to reduce waste in PSP operations. While maintaining quality, our CRM not only fosters comprehensive patient care but hosts manufacturer portals and centralizes PSP activity across multiple business units, simplifying every stage of the journey for all partners.  In addition to self-enrollment and delivering seamless professional services that aid with treatment compliance and proper medication use, our user-friendly physician and patient portals ultimately provide secure, real-time custom analytics that optimize complex drug therapies and enhance patient outcomes. To support our continued agility, we prioritize investments in technology that further enable us to adapt the evolving patient and healthcare landscape. At the core of our data model is the patient, supported by data validation with built-in rules that reduce the risk of human error. With an API-led architecture, we seamlessly integrate with other technologies, and our robust MDM strategy guarantees data accuracy and integrity.

We foster a seamless approach to patient care through cohesive, integrated collaboration across various program services. Understanding that each healthcare professional within a patient’s circle of care plays a unique role, we work together with patient support program managers, physicians, manufacturers, clinics, and pharmacy teams to share information. This ensures quick and efficient access to relevant data for informed decision-making, while delivering personalized care and creating a worry-free experience.

Our support extends through both field and office-based models, catering to the diverse needs of physicians and patients. We proudly support Canadians coast to coast, from 8 am to 8 pm EST, in both English and French, as well as a multitude of other languages. We establish robust Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Instructions (WIs) to guide efficient and consistent program coordination and navigation.

SRx distinguishes itself with an all-inclusive pharmacy, providing both regular and specialty medications. Our extensive nationwide, physical footprint, allows walk-in visits for patients to consult pharmacists directly with clinical questions. Our pharmacy teams help facilitate infusion and injection processes by ensuring timely medication delivery to clinics, physician offices, or patient homes.

Seamless coordination with clinics and nursing teams prevents treatment delays and guarantees optimal storage conditions per manufacturer requirements.

Prioritizing patient needs, both our clinics and pharmacies conveniently offer pre-biologic work-ups and easy scheduling for our clinic and nursing services.

With a national footprint of strategically located clinics, we support the diverse needs of patients and physicians. Two on-site nurses ensure safety, and homecare is available as needed. Our nursing and clinic teams prioritize comprehensive care, completing paperwork, health checks, and patient education. Highly trained nurses administer treatments, monitor meticulously, and seamlessly collaborate with physicians through detailed reports and PSP integration.

We offer premier support, effectively helping patients navigate the complexities of reimbursement. From proactively managing co-payments to helping secure financial aid, our expertise supports adherence and ensures financial accessibility for all individuals. We’re committed to optimizing cost-effectiveness and sustainability, benefiting both patients and manufacturers alike. Through our integrated network, specialty pharmacy, and CRM, we have the ability to seamlessly test bill to pro-actively identify and rectify issues, not only ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance, but satisfaction by all parties.

Understanding the importance of adherence, we prioritize adherence practices. Our structured, but tailorable adherence support services cater to both physician and patient needs. Regular interactions at our clinics and with our specialty pharmacy teams enable healthcare professionals to monitor patient progress and make necessary adjustments to treatment plans, while reducing medication waste. Meanwhile, our dedicated clinics, nursing teams and homecare, ensure the safe and efficient administration of drug injections and infusions, fostering a comfortable and seamless journey for improved patient outcomes.

Compliance: We adhere to all relevant regulations and standards, ensuring our operations are fully compliant. 

Quality Assurance: We maintain the highest standards of quality in all our services, ensuring consistent and reliable outcomes.

Pharmacovigilance: We monitor and manage any issues related to the safety and side effects of medications, prioritizing patient safety and well-being. When adverse events are reported, we not only offer comprehensive support for managing these events, but also ensure timely communication with the manufacturer in accordance with their pharmacovigilance (PV) reporting requirements.

Patient Privacy: We uphold strict privacy policies to protect patient information, ensuring confidentiality and trust in our services. 

We conduct thorough evaluations of the program’s effectiveness and gather feedback from patients to enhance overall satisfaction.  We provide ongoing education and training sessions for both patients and healthcare professionals, ensuring informed decision-making and continuous improvement. 

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