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Patient Support Programs

SRx Health Solutions is Canada’s premier provider of patient support programs.

Our Patient Support Programs

SRx Health Solutions is Canada’s premier provider of patient support programs. SRx Health Solutions deploys industry-leading technology to execute full-service patient support programs to support all of your patient and physician needs, as well as meet the ever-changing needs of the Canadian healthcare landscape.

All of our programs are individually developed to ensure that our customers implement the best possible program  to deliver optimal health outcomes. Our programs are structured in a way that drives accountability, supports best in class reimbursement practices, and is consistently available to those who are part of your program. We understand that the Canadian healthcare system can be difficult to navigate for patients, and at SRx Health Solutions we pride ourselves on ensuring that patients can receive their medication as quickly as possible.

In partnering with SRx, our customers will have a comprehensive patient support program to support their patients nation-wide. Our PSP leadership team has numerous years of experience within the industry, giving us key insights into not only best practices, but also the common problems that present themselves within traditional program support models. As a result, our solution incorporates existing best practices while also bridging the gap to creating new best practices to address the gaps in the current PSP landscape.

A key goal of any patient support program is to reduce the burden on patients when it comes to accessing product. This includes supporting them through navigating complex reimbursement programs and securing coverage, that their medication is ordered and dispensed in time, and that the administration of the treatment is handled professionally and with care. Providing quality, patient-centric support services allows us to achieve high patient and physician satisfaction and retention.

Through our collaborative, outside-in approach, SRx Health Solutions offers our customers a best-in-class, agile, innovative patient support program which meets the needs of your targeted physician groups.  Our Kaizen approach has allowed us leverage industry-leading technology to scale, automate, and customize to reduce waste in PSP operations while maintaining quality, while also allowing our PSP staff to focus on key patient and physician support activities.

SRx Health Solutions consistently tries to find ways to improve the patient experience by listening to our customers (manufacturers, patients, physicians) and understanding what their current and future needs are and will be. We are always looking to develop cost effective, innovative programs which meet and support the needs of physicians and their patients.

Our PSP team provides:

mySRx app

Take control of your health from your mobile device.

  • Consult with a pharmacist from the comfort of home
  • Upload, track, refill, and transfer prescriptions with ease
  • Medication tracker and treatment reminders
  • Free, fast medication delivery right to your door