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Patient Centered Care

Our pharmacy team is passionate about providing each patient with the best possible patient care experience. We believe in working together with your prescriber and any other members of your health care team to provide you with seamless care. Our pharmacy team will assist you in applying for insurance coverage or applying for special authorization for certain medications, and will work with manufacturer programs to ensure you incur the least possible cost for any medications. All of our pharmacies will provide medication reviews, at no cost to the patient, administer injections as allowed by provincial regulations, offer no-charge blister packing and free medication delivery services.

Our pharmacies are unique in that we are able to dispense specialty medications along with standard prescription medications allowing you to have all of your prescriptions at one pharmacy. When your prescriptions are all at one pharmacy it reduces the risk of drug interactions and ensures all of your prescriptions are always filled on time.


Our pharmacy team has years of experience in the management of medical conditions requiring biologic therapy and are aware of the complexities in dispensing these medications. Our pharmacists will ensure you have up-to date immunizations prior to beginning a biologic medication, provide detailed counseling on these medications, and provide injection training. We are knowledgeable in the treatment of conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and many others. Our pharmacies are also able to dispense standard prescription medications allowing you to attend one pharmacy for all of your prescription needs.

Specialty Compounding

Compounded products are medications that are not commercially available, and which can be customized to meet your unique needs. Compounded medications can be helpful for various medical conditions, such as creams for skin conditions or pain management, creams or oral formulations for hormone therapy, suspensions for pediatric patients, allergy medicine, or veterinary medicine. Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.


Our pharmacy team is knowledgeable in the management of a variety of liver diseases including, but not limited to: hepatitis C, hepatitis B, cirrhosis, fatty liver Disease, autoimmune liver disease, primary biliary cholangitis.


Our pharmacies in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are able to dispense HIV treatments in collaboration with your prescriber. In all provinces except BC, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) can be dispensed at any of our pharmacies.

Addictions Medicine

Our pharmacy teams are knowledgeable in the management of methadone and suboxone treatment. We provide all of our patients with empathetic care and have private counseling spaces where you are able to consume your methadone or suboxone dose.

Mental Health

Our pharmacy team works together with your prescriber, nursing or addictions counsellor to provide compassionate comprehensive care to patients with mental health conditions. In most provinces, our pharmacists are able to administer injectable antipsychotics in the pharmacy improving patient access.


Our pharmacy team is knowledgeable on the use of Botox for medical conditions, such as migraines, or for cosmetic purposes. We are able to deliver your Botox directly to your prescriber for administration.

Allergy Medicine

Allergy medicine may require compounds, nasal sprays, infusions, or biologic products. Our pharmacists create a personalized approach to your allergy medications and understands your needs.


Our pharmacy team has Certified Diabetes Educator Pharmacists who have completed additional examinations to receive the CDE credential. They are knowledgeable in the medical management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes and are able to provide lifestyle counseling with our patients. They are also able to assist with insulin dosing, blood glucose meter training, and injection training.


Our pharmacy team is knowledgeable on the medications used in cardiovascular disease management, such as those after a heart attack or stroke. We are also able to provide counselling and guidance on the management of anticoagulation medications such as warfarin. Select locations have pharmacists that specialize in the management of cardiac conditions such as heart failure, or those needing injectable PCSK9-inhibitors for cholesterol management.


Our pharmacy team is knowledgeable on the medications used in various neurological conditions such as migraine, multiple sclerosis, and nerve pain. Our compounding services are also able to prepare customized topical pain preparations to help manage chronic pain.


Our pharmacy understands oral and injectable preparations for erectile dysfunction and is able to provide empathetic and discreet patient care. Certain injectable medications for erectile dysfunction are compounded at our compounding pharmacies. In certain provinces, our team is able to assist with oral and injectable products used for prostate cancer treatment.


Our pharmacy team understands the complexities of asthma treatment from traditional inhalers, to oral medications, to IV infusions. Our pharmacists are able to provide training on the proper administration of inhaler devices and have nebulizer machines available for purchase.


Our pharmacy teams in certain provinces are able to dispense transplant medications in addition to your regular prescription medications. Transplant patients are on complex medication regimens with many drug interactions. Our pharmacy staff is knowledgeable on these drug therapies and are able to provide the support you need to achieve the best health outcomes.


Our pharmacists are trained to help you manage any of your personal health issues related to fertility. Our pharmacists are able to provide both in person and on the phoen consultation to help you manage your personal fertility questions and concerns.


With a pharmacy designed to cater to ophthalmology and reconstitution of ophthalmologic products, SpecialtyRx healthcare team is experienced in handling and dispensing of Opthamologic products.

Oncology / Hematology

SRx has oncology pharmacists that are trained in different types of cancer, drug combinations and treatments. We understand that the management of cancer treatment requires a holistic approach, and this is why we offer allied health professional services – such as dietician and social worker support.