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What is Pharmacogenomics?

Our DNA makes us unique. It serves as a manual for our body which contains instructions in the form of genes. Our cells read and interpret these instructions and decide the colour of our hair, our eyes, our height and much more. Different people can have different versions of the same gene, and pharmacogenomics is the study of how these genes affect a person’s respond to specific medications.

Why SRx?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Finding that your treatment is not effective

You are having side effects from medications or worried about potential side effects

You are interested to know more about your genetics and effect on current or future medications

*Attach sample report from Genxys*

A pharmacogenetic test identifies how you are likely to respond to a medication or experience adverse effects based on your unique DNA.

Pharmacogenomic testing is not a diagnostic test – it will not indicate your likelihood of developing diseases

Our SRx pharmacists will have a consultation with you to explain the results of your pharmacogenomics test. After this consultation, your report and any recommendations from the SRx pharmacist can be sent to your health care provider with your consent.

You should not change your medications based on a pharmacogenetic test until your health care provider reviews your results. The recommendation letter our SRx pharmacist provides your health care provider helps apply the pharmacogenomic information to optimize your treatment.

Need legal to review

If addition to yourself, your healthcare provider and one of the SRx clinical pharmacists will review your results.

The Precision Medication Package costs $399 plus tax. This package includes:

Consultation with a pharmacist

A personalized report

Online portal access

Personalized recommendation letter to your health care provider

Have a consultation with an SRx clinical pharmacist to further discuss coverage options

The SRx pharmacogenomics test covers many therapeutic areas, such as pain, cardiovascular health, mental health, gastroenterology, immune disorders, neurology and oncology. Since your DNA doesn’t change, the Precision Medicine SRx test provides lifetime value for the genes included in our test. **(need footnote to state that some variants may not be covered)

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