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Planning to travel abroad? Contact our travel clinics for a pre-travel consultation and vaccine administration. Our travel-certified pharmacists will provide advice on vaccination protocols, preventive medications, documentation, and travel health tips. Contact us at least six weeks before your departure to get the best protection for your trip. If you have a last-minute travel plan, we will do our best to accommodate you and provide you with the essential vaccines and medications. At our clinics, we care about your well-being during your travels.

Act now! Contact us six weeks before your departure for a comprehensive pre-travel consultation.

At Our Clinics, Your Health During Your Travels Is Our Priority!

Certified Yellow Fever Vaccine Clinics

Receive your yellow fever vaccine from our clinics approved by Health Canada.

Administered by Qualified Pharmacists

Our qualified pharmacists administer your vaccinations.

Tailored Consultations

Receive personalized consultations based on your upcoming travel destinations.

Up-to-Date Travel Guidance

Stay informed with the latest travel information and receive preventative care advice.

Prescription Access

Receive your relevant immunizations, medications, and travel documents from our qualified pharmacists.

Health Risk Education

Learn about specific health risks associated with your travel plans and destinations.

Vaccination and Immunity Assessment

Receive personalized assessments to ensure optimal immunity.

Medication Review

Obtain a comprehensive review of your existing medications before your travels.

Frequently Asked Questions

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• A thorough review of your medical history and upcoming travel plans
• Personalized advice for vaccines and medications
• Recommendations for preventing malaria, traveler’s diarrhea, and altitude sickness
• The prescription and administration of any necessary vaccines
• Guidance for managing medical conditions while abroad
• Health and safety tips for destination countries
• A detailed visit summary for you and your physician’s reference
• A vaccination record book to keep track of your vaccinations
• Booster dose reminders to stay up to date on vaccinations
• Access to in-store essentials you may need for your trip

Contact us at least six weeks prior to your departure to secure a comprehensive pre-travel consultation. Even for last-minute travel plans we’re committed to accommodating you, ensuring you receive the essential vaccines and medications needed to enhance your journey.

• Detailed itinerary of your trip
• Provincial Health Card
• Third Party Insurance
• Immunization Records
• Current list of Medications

Yes, there is a consultation fee of $50.00 per adult, whether it is a virtual or in-person consultation. Travel prescriptions are included as part of the consultation fee. However, administering injections will incur an additional fee of $20.00, regardless of the number of vaccines administered. It is important to note that the cost of each vaccine is not included in the consultation fee.

Private health insurance companies may reimburse a portion of the cost of the vaccines. Check your private insurance for travel vaccine coverage before your appointment – act now!  View Vaccine List

Note: at least ONE adult must be present for children’s appointments. Children under 16 need an accompanying adult with a paid consultation. Solo child bookings are not accepted.

Ready to Safeguard Your Health Abroad?

Contact our qualified pharmacists today for assistance with your travel health inquiries. Please be aware that this service is only available to patients in Alberta, New Brunswick and Ontario. 

For Ontario Residents – Your travel consultation will be conducted virtually, with in-person injections at the designated locations below. Don’t worry, our travel pharmacist will coordinate all arrangements for you.

For all pre-travel consultations, kindly schedule your consultation at least 48 hours in advance of your desired time.

Vaccines may not be suitable for everyone and do not guarantee complete protection against diseases. Certain age restrictions may apply. For further details, consult our knowledgeable pharmacists.