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Happily Serving as Your Shield of Wellness

We prioritize your health by offering a comprehensive range of services. Our commitment goes beyond providing just vaccines – we deliver a shield of protection against preventable diseases, ensuring your well-being is fortified.

Specialized Guidance

Our experienced healthcare professionals provide guidance, offering insights into the latest vaccines and tailoring recommendations to your unique health profile. 

Comprehensive Protection

From routine vaccinations to specialized immunizations we ensure you receive comprehensive protection against a spectrum of diseases, promoting a proactive approach to your well-being.

Convenient Access

Conveniently schedule your vaccination appointments at any of our SRx Pharmacy locations or see below for online booking of immunization services.

Family-Friendly Care

We prioritize the health of your entire family, offering vaccinations for all age groups. Experience family-friendly care that makes staying up-to-date on vaccinations a seamless process. 

SRx, Your Trusted Vaccine Administrators

Expanded Scope

All SRx Pharmacists are trained to administer vaccines, following the guidelines of their respective provincial colleges of pharmacy.

Additional Services
Beyond vaccinations, our pharmacists are proficient in administering the annual influenza vaccine, TB skin tests, and injections of medications such as antibiotics and depot medications.
Anaphylaxis Management and CPR Certification
Our pharmacists are trained in managing severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) and are certified in CPR, ensuring your safety and well-being during and after your vaccination.

Vaccination Services

Routine Immunization Stay current on essential vaccinations recommended for various age groups.
Travel Vaccine Prepare for your adventures with our specialized travel vaccination services.
Flu Shot Safeguard yourself and your loved ones with our annual flu vaccination services.
Specialized Immunizations Access vaccines tailored to specific health conditions or occupational requirements.
Flexible Appointments Schedule appointments that fit your busy lifestyle, ensuring vaccinations are convenient and stress-free.

Consultations Benefit from personalized consultations to address any concerns or questions you may have about vaccinations.

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To book a travel vaccine

To book vaccines other than for travel, contact your nearest SRx Pharmacy

Vaccines may not be suitable for everyone and do not guarantee complete protection against diseases. Certain age restrictions may apply. For further details, consult our knowledgeable pharmacists.