SRx Health

Making Healthcare Simple

Because Canadians deserve better

Making healthcare simple —

because Canadians deserve better

We offer integrated solutions to improve the wellness of Canadians

Pharmacy Services

From minor ailments and everyday prescriptions to complex disease support, better health starts with SRx.

SRx Clinics

We have your drug infusion therapy needs covered — from biologics all the way to iron and even injectable training.

Travel Health

Expert advice on vaccination protocols, preventive medications, documentation, and travel health tips

Precision Medicine

A non-invasive test to discover what treatments will work best for YOU. Tailored healthcare so that you get better faster.

Medication Delivery

Prescriptions delivered right to your door — for FREE.

Virtual Care

Healthcare made simple. Take control of your health from the comfort of home with SRx.

Helping you achieve your health goals.

Integrated Health Model

Full service support and innovative technological solutions that optimize treatment outcomes.

Wholesale & Distribution

Safe and timely product distribution for hospitals, pharmacies, and manufacturers.

Patient Support Programs 

Comprehensive care that expedites commercialization and enhances outcomes.


Customized reporting solutions that promote safety and mitigate risk.

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