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Acquisition Timeline

SRx’s acquisitions represent a significant step forward in our mission to improve the wellness of Canadians, enhance access to care, and make healthcare simple. By growing our presence, we aim to create a positive impact on the lives of more Canadians by offering an extensive range of comprehensive, specialty services.

Leclerc Pharmacy – Winnipeg, MB

SRx acquires Leclerc Pharmacy in the centrally located St. Boniface Clinic

Pharmasave P.A. Pharmacy – Prince Albert, SK

SRx acquires P.A. Pharmacy, a highly recognized pharmacy in the community with a specific focus on addictions medication

Parsons Pharmacy – Red Deer, AB

SRx acquires Parsons Pharmacy, a pharmacy known within the Red Deer community for their patient focus, care, and service.

Pier Health – Vancouver, BC

SRx acquires Pier Health, a leading mission-driven pharmacy in Vancouver’s downtown Eastside.

101 Pharmacy & Travel Clinic – Calgary, AB

SRx acquires 101 Pharmacy & Travel Clinic, an innovative pharmacy with a focus on travel pharmacy services.

Greg’s Drugs – Medicine Hat, AB

SRx acquires Greg’s Drugs in Medicine Hat, AB, a historical pharmacy ingrained within the close knit community.

Simpson’s Pharmasave & Simpson’s Apothecary – Niagara-on-the-lake, ON

SRx acquires Simpson’s Pharmasave & Simpson’s Apothecary, two venerable Niagara-on-the-Lake institutions.

Clearbrook Pharmacy & Garden Park Pharmacy – Abbotsford, BC

SRx acquires Clearbrook Pharmacy & Garden Park Pharmacy, two well-renowned pharmacies in the growing Abbotsford region.


Press Releases

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Latest News



SRx Health Solutions Inc. (“SRx” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has finalized the acquisition (the “Acquisition”) of Garden Park Pharmacy Ltd.


CanadianSME Unveils Finalists for the 2022 Small Business Awards, partnered with Google Canada: Celebrating Excellence and Innovation in the Nation's SME Sector

CanadianSME is delighted to announce the finalists for its prestigious 2022 CanadianSME Small Business Awards. 


Multi-functional Downtown Eastside support clinic opens its doors

A new clinic opened on the Downtown Eastside Wednesday, aimed at addressing the many complex health and social challenges affecting the community.


Interview with Brian Conway: The Vancouver Urban Health Center Concept

The health and social resources available to the population of the Downtown Eastside neighborhood in Vancouver are currently saturated.


New health-care centre brings various services to people living in Vancouver's DTES

Dr. Brian Conway of the Vancouver Infectious Disease Centre speaks to reporters at the official opening of the Vancouver Urban Health Centre in the Downtown Eastside on May 3, 2023. (CTV)


‘Clearly gaps’: Vancouver Urban Health Centre opens in DTES to answer health care needs

It’s being described as one piece of the puzzle to help improve the lives of residents of the Downtown Eastside. The Vancouver Urban Health Centre officially opened its doors today.


Simpson’s Pharmacy purchased by SRx Health Solutions

Sean Simpson, who has been running the company started by his father Ward in 1977, will assume the title of pharmacy liaison.


Here & Now Thursday, December 1, 2022

The latest news from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador.


Newfoundland pharmacies offering free STI testing amid doctor shortage

Tests are being offered at participating pharmacies for one year.


'Even more volume': overwhelmed health care workers warn of worsening flu season

Alberta’s health care professionals are urging residents to protect themselves after an-especially nasty start to the flu season. 


Children’s drug shortages across Canada

According to Health Canada, there is a shortage of amoxicillin and other children’s medication across Canada.


Northern Ontario travellers keep private COVID-19 clinics busy with free public tests that are hard to get

1 Sudbury clinic says while busy with travellers, ‘no comparison’ to when it was testing thousands of miners


PCR tests are now reserved for people at considerable risk of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan

Rose Nantel talks about it with the director of communications of the SRX clinic, Stephanie Nazywalskyj. 


Montreal pharmacy offers walk-in, rapid COVID-19 testing

Walk-in rapid COVID-19 testing has become available at local pharmacy in downtown Montreal. Global’s Victoria Bakos explains how the initiative can be a useful tool in Quebec’s reopening plan.


Specialty Health Clinic offering COVID tests in Regina

With the Saskatchewan Health Authority choosing to end asymptomatic COVID testing, those who aren’t vaccinated and need to supply a negative test for work, recreation or travel will have to pay for it.


Private companies expect bump in demand after Sask. changes eligibility for free PCR tests

Private companies that offer PCR tests expect to see a bump in demand for their services, after the province announced…


Private clinics open to partnering with N.B. to address COVID testing backlog

Private clinics say they’re open to helping the New Brunswick government clear up a worsening backlog in requests for COVID-19 PCR tests.


St. John’s Pharmacy Offering Rapid COVID Tests for Travellers

SRX Pharmacy is making rapid antigen and rapid PCR testing for those travelling who have no symptoms and are fully vaccinated.


Our Stories: Healthcare in the heart of our community

“You can do anything, but not everything.” This popular quote by productivity consultant David Allen captures one of those truths that seems so simple yet can be so difficult in daily life.

Screenshot_11 (2)

Fully vaccinated Canadians still need negative PCR test to return to Canada: Public Safety Minister

“It has proven to be exceptionally effective in securing the safety and security and health of Canadians,” says Canada’s public safety minister, Bill Blair.


Enhancing Patient Care through Integrated Pharmacare

Comprehensive serevices alongisde a team of care providers, pharmacists, and reimbursement specialists, support patients at every step of the care journey in an expedited and wholesome way.


Celebrate Canadian Pharmacy

Dr. Danielle Paes is the Chief Pharmacist Officer (CPO) at the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), where she is helping advance the pharmacy profession.


Patient Access & Empowerment

From convenience, saved time, and reduced potential of prescription fraud to protecting patient data, this digital prescribing solution scores many wins.

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