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Operating under the umbrella of SRx Clinical Trials division, TDDA Specialty Research is an established leader in the field of clinical research, real world evidence generation and site collaboration. In partnership with industry professionals and the healthcare community, TDDA strives to pioneer therapeutic treatment options and advance patient care. 

Partnering Advantages

Commitment to Innovation
Our foray into the clinical trials space is more than a strategic move; it underscores our unwavering dedication to advancing patient care, embracing innovation, and making healthcare simple.
Comprehensive Clinical Trials Program
Within our comprehensive clinical trials program, we transcend the ordinary by prioritizing groundbreaking research. We integrate strategic site management services to ensure a unique approach to clinical trials.
Unparalleled Support
What truly sets us apart is our steadfast commitment to providing unmatched support to our partners. Our competitive service offering is meticulously designed to not just meet but exceed expectations, emphasizing three pivotal pillars: efficiency, compliance, and patient-centricity.


Our pro-active and streamlined approach guarantee precision and timeliness at every step of the clinical trial journey. From protocol development to data collection and assessment, we optimize each element, expediting the path from inception to completion.


Recognizing the paramount importance of adherence to regulatory standards, we navigate the complex landscape of compliance with diligence. We safeguard the integrity of the research and the well-being of participants.


At the core of our clinical trials program lies a genuine commitment to the well-being and experience of participants. We prioritize creating an environment fostering trust and transparency, ensuring each patient feels valued and supported throughout their trial participation.
Teaming Up With Physicians
Access to cutting-edge treatments, expanded knowledge, and opportunities for collaboration that contribue to medical advancements and incrased options for patient care.

Our Unique Offering

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We provide comprehensive solutions to the challenges faced by CROs and Sponsors. Our capabilities encompass study feasibility assessments, protocol design consultations, and full clinical protocol execution. We leverage our growing network of satellite sites and conduct central budget negotiations to ensure efficient recruitment and delivery of clinical trial results. 

Our expertise in patient recruitment and retention often positions us as a leader in enrolment and launch among Canadian sites. Our expertise is rooted in our unique recruitment model, a network of research-focused physicians and sites skilled in clinical trials. We identify suitable trial candidates, ensuring continuity of care and high retention rates in our trials.

We provide centrally managed services related to business growth and trial start-up, allowing you and your coordinators, to focus on conducting clinical trial procedures and patient care. We excel in business development, managing start-up contracts, navigating financial services, regulatory frameworks, and upholding central ethics. Our team provides robust clinical operations support, adheres to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), offers comprehensive training, and ensures seamless site integration and support. These capabilities collectively contribute to our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our operations.

Accomplish your clinical trial goals by leveraging our cutting-edge research, strategic site management, and a service offering that surpasses expectations.