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Partnering Advantages

Efficient Logistics, Elevated Outcomes
We are dedicated to providing secure, safe, and dependable access to medications for Canadians. Our facility is compliant with with regulatory standards, specializing in the distribution of specialty medications, particularly those requiring specific temperature-sensitive conditions. With almost a decade of proficiency, our wholesale operations excel in handling these specialty and biologic medications, including those necessitating cold-chain logistics. We are the reliable link that ensures hospitals, physicians and pharmacies across the country receive their medications promptly

Our Unique Offering

We deliver a full-suite of specialty services that are entirely customizable for end-to-end holistic support 

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Leveraging our strategic partnerships through wholesale and distribution agreements with major pharmaceutical manufacturers, we possess the unique capability to distribute a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products, including specialty, regular, and generic drugs. Our robust distribution network spans across the country, enabling us to ensure timely delivery.
Since 2016, our distribution center in Mississauga, ON, near Toronto Pearson International Airport, has been instrumental in supporting our expansive operational capabilities.

Our distribution facility, compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), features on-site Quality Assurance and Regulatory oversight. Equipped with temperature mapping and 24/7 remote, real-time monitoring, our facility ensures adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and complies with Health Canada guidelines ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Facilitating a smooth distribution process, our fully integrated information systems, including an online portal, email, and fax ordering options, enhance communication. We actively manage inventory volumes and ensure seamless coordination with pharmacies and patient support programs.

Our strategic partnership with Probus Logistics allows us to integrate third-party logistics (3PL) services, offering manufacturers a comprehensive partner for packaging and transportation of both specialty and traditional pharmaceuticals, as well as medical devices across Canada with the future potential of importing and distribution of both specialty and traditional pharmaceuticals, as well as medical devices across Canada. Along with quality assurance and regulatory affairs support, we can assist both established and new entrants in the Canadian pharmaceutical landscape to enhance their existing operations or establish a presence in Canada.
We are experts in cold chain logistics and navigating the diverse Canadian climate. We offer temperature-mapped warehousing and temperature-controlled transportation to protect the integrity of products. We enlist qualified carriers adept at handling time-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments, simplifying the distribution of specialty drugs.

At SRx, we understand the critical role logistics plays in healthcare. Our collective efforts are geared towards providing unparalleled solutions for the well-being of patients nationwide.

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