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Join us to deliver a revolutionary experience. By combining strategic partnerships with our innovative integrated solutions, we not only enhance patient access and support outcomes, but transform healthcare into a personalized and seamless journey for all.

Partnering Advantages

Patient Focused
From our seamless integration of both specialty and regular medications to our personalized and proactive patient care approach, we tailor support to the unique needs of patients and industry alike.
Enhanced Medication Access
Our knowledge in specialty care services paired with our proprietary cutting-edge technology ensures optimized outcomes and makes healthcare simple for all involved.
Customizable Solutions
We believe in a collaborative and flexible approach, shaping our services to meet the unique needs of our partners and patients. From maintaining open communication to developing tailored solutions, implementing innovative programs, and providing ongoing support and guidance, we work closely with our partners to achieve shared goals and drive positive outcomes.

Our Unique Offering

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We stand out as the sole pharmacy network with a physical footprint that supports specialty, regular, and access to compounded medications under one roof, promoting seamless continuity of care.

With the largest network of all-inclusive specialty pharmacies spanning Canada, we proudly serve patients coast to coast. Not only do we stand out by supporting patients with both their specialty and regular treatments, but unlike other specialty pharmacies, our physical locations offer a unique opportunity for patients to walk in and consult with a pharmacist on any clinical queries, providing unparalleled accessibility.

Our pharmacists conduct medication reviews, administer injections and vaccinations, provide injection training, perform TB testing, support pre-biologic workups and blood draws, and offer both in-person and virtual consultations, fostering strong rapport and a distinctive partnership that guides patients throughout their journey from the start. Our pharmacy teams further work closely with SRx’s network of clinics and treatment sites to ensure medication is delivered to the address of choice for administration.  Recognizing the value of comprehensive care and the diverse needs of patients and industry, we also provide compounding and travel health services.

From medication access to specialized handling, our expertise includes extensive knowledge in chronic and rare diseases. Our team is proficient in navigating the stringent regulatory requirements associated with handling all specialty medications, including those requiring cold chain and/or temperature-controlled environments. We further navigate reimbursement complexities and assist with securing financial assistance, ensuring access to cutting-edge drugs without undue financial burden. In addition, with the consent of healthcare offices, we can access Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems to facilitate access to pertinent patient data. This allows us to provide more personalized and effective care. In accordance with federal regulations, we strictly adhere to privacy regulations in all our operations, ensuring the confidentiality and security of patient information.

Our approach to patient care is personalized and collaborative. We develop tailored treatment plans and adherence programs, including blister packaging of medications and automatic refills, to optimize patient outcomes. These strategies ensure compliance, minimize adverse events, medical errors, and medication waste. Collaboration is integral to our service. We maintain communication with physicians, PSPs, nursing teams, treatment sites, and other members of a patient’s care team. This coordination allows us to integrate treatment plans effectively and deliver the best possible care for our patients.

Experience enhanced collaboration and patient care through our proprietary, innovative ACCESS CRM, seamlessly integrating patient and industry touchpoints to streamline operations and optimize treatment outcomes. Our technology-driven solutions ensure personalized access and comprehensive support throughout every stage of the healthcare journey.

Choose SRx as your trusted ally in exceptional delivering patient care and optimizing treatment outcomes.