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Your premier partner in delivering specialized treatments, integrated healthcare solutions, and exceptional patient care across Canada

Empowering healthcare through compassionate knowledge, our interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals work collaboratively to provide exceptional care to patients in outpatient and community settings. Paired with our integrated and personalized approach, we ensure seamless collaboration to deliver the highest quality of care. Whether in our clinics, patient homes, or anywhere in between, we specialize in designing personalized solutions that meet the diverse needs of patients to drive superior patient health outcomes.

Partnering Advantages

Patient Centric Approach
At SRx Clinics, our focus is on ensuring an unparalleled patient experience and positive treatment outcomes. Our commitment to quality care and a safe, comfortable treatment atmosphere sets us apart.
Integrated Care
As a community-based patient care center, we prioritize seamless treatment journeys. Our integrated approach involves clear communication with every member of the patient’s circle of care, ranging from physicians and nurse practitioners to caregivers and pharmacists. 
Strategically Located, Convenient Appointment Options 
We offer a vast national footprint of strategically placed clinics with comfortable amenities, supporting patients living in city centres as well as remote locations. We offer easy, scheduling, including daytime, evening and weekend appointments, ensuring flexibility for patients receiving infusions. Recognizing the need for flexibility where possible we extend our services to support medication administration in the comfort of patient homes.
Knowledge and Experience
We bring nearly a decade of experience in administering specialty medications, including IV infusions, IM, and SC injections. Our certified and experienced nursing teams are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and have extensive knowledge of complex and rare diseases. Not only do they administer treatments, but they conduct meticulous monitoring and seamlessly collaborate with physicians through detailed visit reports and integration with our PSP.

Interdisciplinary Teams

Nurse Practitioners
Registered Nurses
Registered Psychiatric Nurses
Licensed/Registered Practical Nurses
Registered Dieticians
Physician Assistants
Addiction Counsellors
Social Workers
Outreach Workers and Coordinators
Medical Office Assistants

Therapeutic Areas

Addictions Medicine
Infectious Diseases

Our Unique Offering

Explore the comprehensive capabilities that make SRx Clinics your top choice for specialized healthcare solutions

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Diverse Medication Administration: We administer both specialty and non-specialty medications via infusion, IM or SQ injections, providing a comprehensive solution for your healthcare needs. In addition to these services, we offer nationwide iron infusions, specifically Monoferric and Venofer (for pregnant individuals and those under 18 years of age).

Lab Testing and Pre-Medications: If needed, we are able to perform blood draws and manage the pickup and delivery of the sample for lab testing. The results of these tests will be sent directly to the respective physicians’ offices. Additionally, we administer pre-medications as part of our comprehensive healthcare services.

Streamlined Delivery Process: Our dedicated nurses work in tandem with pharmacies to ensure a smooth and efficient medication delivery process, eliminating potential delays commonly associated with local clinics and their specific pharmacy networks.

Accepting Deliveries from All Pharmacies: We accept medication deliveries from all pharmacies, collaborating with external pharmacies to guarantee the availability of medication at the scheduled infusion time.

Efficient Paperwork Handling: Before the patients visit, we take care of all necessary paperwork and health history checks, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free experience.
Our team of pharmacists collaborate seamlessly with clinic managers, nurses, and physicians to provide customized solutions, including diagnostic and patient screening services, electronic inventory and order management, and sterile drug preparation.
Our proprietary drug management portal streamlines drug ordering and inventory management, reducing errors and offering custom data reporting for real-time tracking of medication usage and patient care.

Our nurse-led clinics, staffed by registered nurses with extensive experience, prioritize patient safety by maintaining a 2:1 nurse-to-patient ratio and having emergency equipment on-site. For every infusion, an on-call physician is available. Post-treatment, we monitor patients and share detailed reports with their physician’s offices and/or Patient Support Programs (PSP).

We foster robust relationships with our patients by offering support, self-injection training, and specialized education to enrich their healthcare journey. Our approach includes direct contact with nurses, a focus on collaborative care, and a commitment to ongoing care for a comprehensive healthcare experience.